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Family Tree Blueprint

Introducing the Minimalist Family Tree Blueprint – a sophisticated and streamlined chart of your ancestry. This digital design is fully customizable and offers a modern and decorative approach to capturing your family's lineage, from your immediate relatives to your great-great-great-grandparents, enabling you to capture the essence of your lineage in a minimal format, that can be printed and hung on your wall.
Change colors, background, add names, dates of birth, remove empty ancestors' blocks, and anything else you'd like to do to make this fully yours!

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Infuse your space with stories worth sharing

Recognized for her unique designs and love of family history, Chelsey combined these two passions and created this Family Tree Blueprint, a fully customizable, visual way, to showcase your family's ancestry and decorate your space.

The profits will go towards Chelsey's globally-recognized heirloom returns, helping reunite families with their lost treasures.

Instant Download: Design your family tree immediately with direct access to the blueprint right after purchase.

Fully Customizable: Tailored for Canva (free account required), this blueprint not only allows you to document up to 5 generations but also offers extensive customization options.

Color & Design Flexibility: Change colors, adjust backgrounds, and modify the overall aesthetic to reflect your taste or complement your home decor.

Adaptable Layout: With the ability to add, remove, or alter sections, blocks, and empty spaces, this design gives you the freedom to focus on the details that matter most to you.

Print Ready: The design is optimized for both digital viewing and printing in sizing up to 24x36", allowing to create a tangible heirloom that can be cherished and passed down through generations.

User-Friendly Design: This blueprint is not only elegant but incredibly intuitive, ensuring a seamless experience as you create your family tree.

Digital Flexibility: Easily access and edit your family tree, ensuring compatibility across devices and allowing you to update your tree whenever new discoveries are made.

Comprehensive Sections Include:

- Generations
: Spaces for up to five generations, ensuring no part of your lineage is left unexplored.

- Ancestral Details: Customize fields for each ancestor’s name, lifespan, and significant locations, providing a rich tapestry of your family's history.

- Design Freedom: From the color palette to the layout structure, every element of the design can be adjusted to suit your preference, ensuring your family tree is as unique as your history.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous !

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  2. The journal is gorgeous in real life, far exceeded my expectations. I bought them for my girlfriends for Christmas, my 80 year old Mum and 70 year old Aunt, and of course myself. Only a few pages in and I have already found out so much about my Mum that I didnt know. It’s so important to ask questions now and to answers the questions yourself too. You are never too young to start.

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  3. The book is stunning quality. The content is equally as amazing. I browsed for hours trying to find a Time Capsule journal for my grandparents but they were all so impersonal or cheesy. This one is so thoughtfully curated, it’s the perfect option. I can’t wait to cherish it for years to come after it’s filled out.

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  4. Received the Keepsake Case in exchange for an honest review. I work in estates, and I would purchase 100 of these for my entire clientele. People underestimate the need of storing not just important documents, but also sentimental items and keepsakes. These are the items families easily lose after someone passes. The top tray also gives this box a “chic” look and allows it to be functional for daily use, which I think is genius. These things shouldn’t be stored in a closet or under a bed, and designing this box like a piece of decor + with the clever storage is the perfect mix. I haven’t seen any keepsake box come close to this type of design or has this amount of thoughtful storage.

    (3) (2)
  5. I got the Keepsake Case as a PR gift. In full honesty, this is the most brilliant and useful item I have received all year – I am shocked something like this doesn’t exist yet. You can tell the detail Chelsey put into making this keepsake box: You can use it just for sentimental items or purely use it for important documents. New mom? You can put all your baby keepsakes in here. The two trays are great because they are removable and you can swap how you layer them. My favorite detail is the top tray because it allows the box to be functional every single day which I absolutely love. 100/10.

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Have you ever thought about how to elegantly display your family’s history in your home?

Do you know the stories behind your ancestors' names, where they came from, or the legacy they've left behind?

Are you looking for a meaningful way to share your family's journey and traditions with your children or future generations?

The Minimalist Family Tree Blueprint is not just about tracing your roots; it's about bringing your family's unique story to life in a visually stunning way. 

do you have a family tree?

Questions & Answers

what do i need to customize this family tree blueprint?

To personalize your blueprint, all you need is a free Canva account. Canva is user-friendly and allows for easy customization of your family tree. You'll find it straightforward to update and personalize your family tree, even if it's your first time using the platform. The blueprint also comes with step-by-step instructions tailored for those who have no prior experience - just in case! This design is made to be fully editable with Canva's free version, ensuring you can create a beautiful family tree without any additional costs.

WHAT MAKES THIS family tree blueprint UNIQUE?

This Family Tree Blueprint stands out for several reasons, making it an exceptional choice for anyone looking to document their family history.
Unlike traditional family tree templates, this blueprint offers full customization options. This means you can easily update names, dates, and details, as well as adjust the design elements like colors and backgrounds to reflect your personal or home decor style.

Designed for Everyone: Whether you're a seasoned genealogist or just starting to explore your family roots, the blueprint's user-friendly design makes it accessible.

Modern Aesthetic: The blueprint's minimalist design is not just about simplicity; it's crafted to beautifully blend with any home decor, making your family history a part of your everyday living space.

Versatile Use: Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the blueprint serves as a meaningful conversation starter among family members and visitors, encouraging the sharing of stories and heritage.

Educational Tool: It's an excellent way for parents to engage children in learning about their ancestors, fostering a sense of belonging and identity through visual storytelling.

Thoughtful Gift: For those looking for a unique and heartfelt gift, this family tree blueprint, customized with personal touches, makes for a memorable present that celebrates the depth and breadth of familial bonds.

Digital and Print Ready: After personalization, the blueprint can be utilized digitally or printed out for a tangible keepsake. It's designed to be compatible with standard frame sizes, offering flexibility in how you choose to display your family's legacy.

How do I access the Family Tree Blueprint after purchase?

This will be an instant download to your computer, no physical item will be shipped. You'll receive an instant download link along with instructions on how to access and customize the blueprint. Follow the provided steps to begin personalizing your family tree right away.

Chelsey Brown is an interior decorator, author, and globally recognized heirloom hunter, discovering and returning lost family artifacts along with her search for interior design pieces.

decorator and heirloom hunter

meet chelsey, the founder & decorator