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"This is Not a Coffee Table Book"
Photo Album

You’ve never seen a photo album like this before! Stop leaving your memories in your phone, never to be looked at again.

This unique photo album serves as a modern capsule for photographs, notes, thoughts, favorite memories, documents, and doubles as a decorative statement.



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Recognized for her unique designs and love of family history, Chelsey combined these two passions and created the Keepsake Case, Time Capsule Journal, and "This is Not a Coffee Table Book" Photo Album.

The profits of the  "This is Not a Coffee Table Book" Photo Album will go towards Chelsey's globally-recognized heirloom returns, helping reunite families with their lost treasures.

PSSSSSSST. Have you asked your parents & grandparents questions yet? The Time Capsule Journal allows your loved one to record their entire life story & family history (with the cutest pocket for mementos)

Hard case off-white cloth cover with black foiled text

50 photos pages that can accommodate 300 4x6 photographs.

Extra pocket for documents and miscellaneous

Inspirational inserts are included to customize to your liking

Extra hard-copy pages for memories, thoughts, and notes

Matte black 3-ring disk

W 11.4 in x L 13.3in x H 2.3 in

It's all in
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  1. Absolutely gorgeous !

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  2. The journal is gorgeous in real life, far exceeded my expectations. I bought them for my girlfriends for Christmas, my 80 year old Mum and 70 year old Aunt, and of course myself. Only a few pages in and I have already found out so much about my Mum that I didnt know. It’s so important to ask questions now and to answers the questions yourself too. You are never too young to start.

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  3. The book is stunning quality. The content is equally as amazing. I browsed for hours trying to find a Time Capsule journal for my grandparents but they were all so impersonal or cheesy. This one is so thoughtfully curated, it’s the perfect option. I can’t wait to cherish it for years to come after it’s filled out.

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  4. Received the Keepsake Case in exchange for an honest review. I work in estates, and I would purchase 100 of these for my entire clientele. People underestimate the need of storing not just important documents, but also sentimental items and keepsakes. These are the items families easily lose after someone passes. The top tray also gives this box a “chic” look and allows it to be functional for daily use, which I think is genius. These things shouldn’t be stored in a closet or under a bed, and designing this box like a piece of decor + with the clever storage is the perfect mix. I haven’t seen any keepsake box come close to this type of design or has this amount of thoughtful storage.

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  5. I got the Keepsake Case as a PR gift. In full honesty, this is the most brilliant and useful item I have received all year – I am shocked something like this doesn’t exist yet. You can tell the detail Chelsey put into making this keepsake box: You can use it just for sentimental items or purely use it for important documents. New mom? You can put all your baby keepsakes in here. The two trays are great because they are removable and you can swap how you layer them. My favorite detail is the top tray because it allows the box to be functional every single day which I absolutely love. 100/10.

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You’ve never seen a photo album like this before! Stop leaving your memories in your phone, never to be looked at again.

With an off-white cloth cover and black foiled text, this chic photo album holds 300 slots for your favorite pictures, with inspirational inserts to customize to your liking, plenty of space and pages for notes, and a folder for extra paper and documents.

We know photo albums should be unique to the person who owns it, which is why you can customize the album to your liking with the 3-ring disk detail. Feel free to use the provided art as you see fit, or make your own using a 3-hole punch.

If you find yourself scrolling endlessly on your phone and hiding all polaroids and notes in a box under the bed, this photo album is for you!

This photo album is the best way to showcase and relive those precious moments every day. Give your memories a place in your home!

Where do you keep your cherished photographs?

How often do you look back at the photos stored on your phone?

Where do you store your memorable notes and letters?

Questions & Answers

How many photos can the album hold?

The album includes 50 photo pages, which can accommodate up to 300 4x6 photographs. This makes it perfect for compiling significant events or themed memories in one place.

Can I add or remove pages?

Absolutely. The album is equipped with a 3-ring disk that allows you to add or remove pages as needed. This feature makes the photo album highly customizable and adaptable to your changing needs.

How do I care for my photo album?

To keep your album looking its best, store it in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Dust the cloth cover lightly with a soft, dry cloth when needed. Avoid using chemical cleaners on the cover to preserve the fabric and foiled text.

When will this ship?

The photo album is currently available for pre-order and is expected to start shipping in June. By pre-ordering now, you ensure that you will be among the first to receive this unique album, perfect for preserving and showcasing your memories.


Chelsey Brown is an interior decorator, author, and globally recognized heirloom hunter, discovering and returning lost family artifacts along with her search for interior design pieces.

decorator and heirloom hunter

meet chelsey, the founder & decorator