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Known globally for returning lost heirlooms to families, Chelsey Brown is not your average, run-of-the-mill genealogist. In addition to her hundreds of heirloom returns, Brown has become a whistleblower in her field, breaking the stigma surrounding family drama, exposing the abhorrent world of underground artifacts, and giving her historical takes on pop culture trends and gossip. Join Chelsey as she shares the movie-esque stories behind the heirlooms she finds, discusses the scandal within the world of genealogy, gives her genealogical take on pop culture, and most importantly, uses these artifacts to travel back in time and connects us with raw moments in history.

Chelsey Brown is an interior decorator, author, and globally recognized heirloom hunter, discovering and returning lost family artifacts along with her search for interior design pieces.



  • HEIRLOOM RETURNS – Chelsey dives into her heirloom returns, the artifacts she finds, the incredible stories behind them, and the family reactions.
  • GENEALOGY SCANDAL – Chelsey shares the controversy, drama, and emotions surrounding the practice of genealogy, family heirlooms, and artifact resellers.
  • HISTORICAL TAKES ON POP CULTURE EVENTS – Chelsey shares her historical takes on pop culture, trending news, and celebrity gossip.
  • FAMILY DRAMA – Chelsey breaks the taboo behind discussing family drama and dives into the complicated topics of affairs, love children, death, murder, and scandal.


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Chelsey Brown is the founder of City Chic Decor, a guide to stylish rental and budget-friendly decor, and is globally recognized for her work in genealogy, returning lost heirlooms back to family members and descendants. Chelsey recognized the significant lack of content around rental decor and created her blog to reduce the stigma around rental decorating. City Chic Decor has grown exponentially since its 2017 launch, now with over 100,000 subscribers and a book entitled Rental Style, published by Skyhorse Publishing in May 2020. Chelsey’s second book, Shut the Front Door, published by Gibbs Smith, will be released in 2023. While thrifting for her blog, Chelsey discovers lost heirlooms and has now returned hundreds of heirlooms to families worldwide without compensation or reimbursement. For more information on Chelsey Brown, visit citychicdecor.com, chelseybrown.com, and find Chelsey on TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest.